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Providing Cost Effective Solutions

Our goal is to make our customers successful. Rather than handling a short gig and moving on, never to be seen again, we prefer working with our customers on a long term basis. Getting to know our customers and their culture is crucial in being able to provide deliverables on time and within budget, in support of stated and implicit business goals. Listed below are some of the areas where we can provide added value:

Information Technology and Web Services With domain experience in customer order processing, logistics, inventory control, purchasing, and production planning and scheduling, we can assist you with full SDLC support. IT strategy, feasibility studies, analysis, design, programming, testing, and rollout are but a few of the major areas where we can work together in a modern n-tier e-commerce environment.
Software Quality Assurance Using state of the art automation and test tools, we can apply our SQA expertise in both the software engineering space and in IT to help you achieve your project goals.
Business Process Engineering Without well-coordinated business processes, the best IT organization can't be very effective. We can leverage our domain experience to help you with organizational structure and workflow planning, as well as IT process planning.
Object Oriented Design and Programming During implementation, we can act as a catalyst for innovation and quality, using state of the art design and programming technologies.
Project Management We can work within your own project management framework or manage your project for you.
Multimedia Production Based on our experience with implementing computer courseware, we can assist you in developing your multimedia training and marketing materials.
Internationalization and Localization With experience in localization and translation work, and with technical writing in several languages, we can support your product localization efforts.

Managing Risk

Implementing the idea of an "extended workbench" requires that extra controls be put in place in order to manage the increased complexity of scheduling, supervising, and integrating the outsourced work. There is often some reluctancy to share proprietary information with the outsourcing partner and relinquish direct control over the people performing the work. This is especially true when work is outsourced offshore. The risk in these cases can sometimes be difficult to manage.

On the other hand, in some cases it makes good sense to outsource complete projects to a partner who can provide the expertise of a permanent consulting staff. Doing so can free up internal resources for other, more pressing problems. The outside partner takes on the responsibility for finding the necessary resources to perform the work, managing the process, maybe even working with an offshore partner. This turnkey approach has the advantage of transferring most of the workload and responsibility to the outsourcing partner. The risk for both sides is less, because the responsibilities and interfaces can be more clearly defined.   More on outsourcing ...

Sometimes it makes better sense just to hire a temporary worker through an approved vendor in order to provide extra manpower. The customer has complete control over time and material, and the vendor is responsible for the contractor. The risk of reclassification by the IRS is minimal, but if the contractor doesn't work out, the risk to the project can be significant.

Managing Expectations

In order to increase the likelihood of success in a project, certain guidelines should be implemented:

Clearly defined project goals, responsibilities, and reporting procedures.
Clearly defined deliverables and deadlines.
Clearly defined payment schedules.
Unequivocal support from management and staff.

Our Policy

We collaborate with different vendors, but are vendor neutral consultants.
Our success depends upon your success.
Our consultants are either full time permanent employees or individuals or companies under contract with us.
We are not a staffing agency or recruiter.

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